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  • CGI-DB  v.bCGI-DB is a database system that manages its own flat-file data tables through a cgi/html interface. It also contains html tag extensions to insert table data into your own web pages. Works great in Windows, Linux, or other *nix.
  • DB-CGI  v.1.0An easy to use, web-based perl script to provide GUI access to a MySQL database. Permissions are handled by MySQL server. Assumes preconfigured apache/mysql. CGI script is independent of actual data - a simple config file is all that is necessary.
  • Jabber HTTP Bind - Using Fact-CGI  v.1.0Fast-CGI implementation of Jabber HTTP Bind protocol. "JEP-0124: HTTP Binding" ...
  • CGI based DNA analyzer  v.1.0DNAtools is a perl CGI based software wich analyzes DNA sequences in order to find out the maximum of information for further bio analysis. It is intended to help people to gain time.
  • Entropy CGI tools  v.1.0Entropy CGI tools for complex processes of stereoscopic image treatments and particle simulations.
  • CGI-Assisted Web Site Backup  v.1.0This is a mechanism for fast, incremental backup of web sites that allow CGI scripts and FTP access but no direct shell access, with better performance than solutions based solely on ftp.
  • Cgi::shell  v.1.0cgi::shell is a perl script which hopes to provide webmasters with an ability to access simple shell-based commands on the webserver.
  • Corkscrew (a CGI Application Framework)  v.1.0Corkscrew is a CGI framework that borrows from both MVC and SOA methodologies to make developing and maintaining web applications faster and easier.
  • CGI Spy Forum  v.1.0CGI Spy is a recently new CGI based bulletin board. It has completely been build from scratch to ensure that the code is easy to understand. Feel free to help developing the code.
  • Procmail-CGI  v.0.1Procmail-CGI is a cgi-based procmail recipe editor, written in perl. It's main aim is to provide users of *nix IMAP mail systems with the kind of message filtering currently unavailable in many popular MUA's (notably that of the MS Outlook ...
  • ASP-like CGI Library  v.1.0libeasycgi is designed to be an easy to use and ASP-like library for CGI programming. It will provide an interface for CGI programming in an ASP style and tries to go beyond this. Also, it is designed to be easy for automated test on CGI programs.
  • CGI::Prototype Perl module family  v.1.0CGI::Prototype is a collection of Perl modules providing a flexible prototype-based MVC framework for both CGI- and mod_perl-based applications.
  • CGI:IRC for Linux  v.0.5.10CGI:IRC is a Perl/CGI program that lets you access IRC from a web browser,.
  • CGI::WebOut  v.2.25Perl extension to handle CGI output (in PHP-style) ...
  • CGI::Application::Plugin::AnyTemplate  v.0.18CGI::Application::Plugin::AnyTemplate allows you to use any supported Perl templating system using a single consistent interface ...
  • CGI::Response  v.0.03CGI::Response is a Perl5 module for constructing responses to Common Gateway Interface (CGI) requests.
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